We offer Japanese furniture and home appliances for all room types. We offer Japanese furniture and home appliances for all room types.
  • Usability
    We follow Japanese standard in designing every single detailed construction, from the position of electric socket and switch or entrance space, to the height of kitchen and wash sinks.
  • All-electric
    Wet area
    Enhance safety by lower the risks of fire in case of using gas which causes flame. In addition, by reducing the amount of carbon dioxin caused by using gas, the room air is maintained fresh
  • Soundproofing - Airtightness
    Soundproofing - Airtightness
    All outside window frames made from laminated glass which help to reduce external effects such as sound, temperature, humidity.
  • Card key
    Card key
    We use key card (contactless card) which is difficult to copy for safety and usability's purposes.
  • Internet
    With infrastructure built by Japanese enterprises, you can feel comfortable to get access to Internet.
  • Furniture and household appliances
    Furniture and household appliances
    We provide with Japan modern furniture and household appliances for all room types. Cooking utensils are also full and ready to use.
  • Water purifier
    Water purifier
    Premium Executive
    We provide with full of necessary standardized household eletrical appliances. Specially, they're manufactured by familliar Japan brands so that you can use easily and comfortablly. Besides, necessary eating utensils are fully offered.
  • Disposer
    Customers can procees waste-disposal here.
  • Floor heating system
    Floor heating system
    The heating system keeps the air fresh, dry and fragrant.
  • Warm water washing toilet seat
    Warm water washing toilet seat
    All room toilets and common toilets are equipped with heating toilet seat with warm washing function.

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