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Public Space

Roygent Parks Hanoi enriched variety of public spaces that supports a comfortable lifestyle.
A gym on the top floor with a great view, a Japanese-style public bath where you
can relax and get far away from the hustle and bustle of city life, and a pool where the original
bamboo pavilion makes you feel like you are in an Asian resort.
We actualized a high-quality life to serve our customers.
These public spaces can be used not only for residents but also hotel guests.

Public bath, sauna

Large public baths are set up separately for men and women. You can relax after a busy day and view Mount Fuji painted by a master Japanese artist. In addition, the modern electric sauna will make you love the public bathroom even more. Water quality meets the standards set by Roygent Parks and is always clean and hygienic.


From the fitness gym on the top floor, you can enjoy a panoramic view of Hanoi and comfortably improve your fitness.
This area has a variety of state-of-the-art gym equipment from Life Fitness and secure space for yoga and stretching. Please use it to resolve a lack of exercise, daily training and health maintenance.


A 20-meter swimming pool that helps you enjoy doing more exercise. The original bamboo pavilion is a space that makes you feel like an Asian resort. Moreover, to maintain the quality of water, we use water which has been filtered by our water filtration system.

※Please note that the pool will be closed from 1st of November to 31st of March.

Restaurant &
The Dining

You can enjoy a variety of healthy, balanced breakfasts from our original Japanese menu. Only ingredients that have passed our high standards and are certified for safety are used. A safe and high quality meal is our goal.
※We offer a monthly 20-breakfast redeemed voucher to long-term contract customers.

Moreover, our cafe space gives you a perfect place for conversations or business talks, etc. Or you can grab a drink with reasonable price after a long day at work.

Party room

The banquet room on the top floor can be used for drinking coffee, reading books, talking with your friends, or can also be used for birthday parties for children, and holding meetings.
There are many famous Japanese books and comics, so you can enjoy the space here alone as well as with your family and friends.

Kids room

A kid’s room was set up next to the party room. It is a space where your little children can play safely.

BBQ booth

There is a barbecue booth next to the poolside pavilion. You can also enjoy some events with family and friends or use it for communication with other residents. By making a reservation at “THE DINING” restaurant on the 2nd floor, you can also enjoy barbecuing by yourself.

Contact Us

For inquiries about hotel stay or living in Roygent Parks Hanoi
please contact here.

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Korean and Vietnamese)