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Basic Services

Service included

Service included

  • Breakfast (20 vouchers)
  • Housekeeping (3 times/ week)
  • Bed Sheet and Pillow Cover Replacement (2 times/ week)
  • Towels replacement/ Empty trash (everyday except for Sundays and public holidays)
  • Electricity fee (limited)
  • Water fee
  • Public facilities
  • VAT (10%)
  • Cable TV Service
    (including NHK premium)
  • Internet fee
  • Shuttle bus service

※ In case you need Japanese channel, you can sign contract with a specialized provider.

Serviced apartment equipment, optional household electronics & service


Agency / Arrangement Service

  • Cleaning Agency

    Cleaning Agency

  • Receiving Mail / Postal

    Receiving Mail
    / Postal

  • Arranging Drinking Water(Gallon Bottle)

    Arranging Drinking
    (Gallon Bottle)

Referral Services

  • Introducing Interpreter


  • Introducing Travel Company

    Travel Company

  • Introducing Golf Agent

    Golf Agent

Public Space

Our guests can enjoy
public space freely

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Movie Gallery

  • Takada family’s holiday

    Takada family’s holiday

  • One day of expatriate

    One day of expatriate

Room types

Both for Living alone or with your family.
We have a variety of types and floor plans are available to meet various needs of customers.

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Contact Us

For inquiries about hotel stay or living in Roygent Parks Hanoi
please contact here.

(+84)24-3232-3750 (+84)24-3232-3750 (English, Japanese,
Korean and Vietnamese)